Should I be so upset by this?

My fiancè and i have been going through a rough patch. We have a 7 month old baby and live with a big family that creates a lot of tension (my family). His brother is coming from the uk and wants to take just my husband and sister in law on vacation. But his brother is taking his "friend" with.

I have never vacationed much (only 1 holiday i can remember as the other 2 were from before i could remember properly) and most of the time been stuck in the house and dont get to go out often. We can't afford a vacation, so thats why our daughter and i can't go with (my husbands would be paid for).

Am i wrong for feeling left out and abandoned? Especially since our relationship isn't doing too well... i feel its because im always home surrounded by my families drama and unable to leave the house as often as my husband is because he works, and visits family after work without me as its on the way home... i know he needs a break but i do too... dont i?

Ps... We've also just learned that our kitten we've had almost as long as we've been together has disappeared, and he's due to go on vacation in about a month and I'm just heartbroken about that, upset about our relationship that seems to be falling apart, stressed about our daughter and just downright frustrated with our living situation.
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One more thing, I know not all people would understand this or recognize it as a real thing... but I do feel really horrible signs of separation anxiety when my husband is gone for more than a day...
Should I be so upset by this?
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