Would you be irritated if you were in contact with your parents often in your twenties?

27F, my mom lives down the road and my dad is out of state. They’re divorced, I find my dad to be the most annoying person on the planet. I see my mom every weekend, I have friends around my age who also say that they’d be annoyed if they were in contact with their parents too often. This applies if you don’t live with your parents, I live alone. I don’t have an issue when my mom FaceTimes me everyday but my dad is so effing annoying. We used to argue when I was younger because I felt like he used to take his anger out on me but things have changed & we haven’t fought in years. I get frustrated at the fact that everyone pussyfoots around him & sympathizes with the fact that his family doesn’t care about him & “he doesn’t have anyone”. My moms family is just as toxic but she has a partner & my half brothers, my dad has friends and chooses to be single. I sometimes wonder if I was married with kids, if he would be in contact with me as often. I don’t have patience & it’s not my fault his family is a POS, I need to live my own life. And please, spare the “treasure it, you’ll miss it once he’s gone”. If you are referring to one of your parents that passed, I know you were probably annoyed if they contacted you this often when they were alive. And sometimes the reasons he calls, his questions and stupid things he says makes me wonder why a phone call is even necessary. Just reply to the text, it’s like he just looks for a reason. I’m going to be thirty and shouldn’t be in contact with my family this often, it feels like I haven’t grown up.

TL;DR: Would being in contact with your parents this often and being independent bother you?
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Would you be irritated if you were in contact with your parents often in your twenties?
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