How can I help my girlfriend in this situation?

My girlfriend is being guilted by her over controlling family about moving out of state with me. They’ve told her that if she leaves that they’ll never talk to her again. I’ll share a few examples of how shitty her family is.

My girlfriend and I have been dating for 6yrs and the last 2yrs we’ve gotten serious about our relationship (as in getting married and future kids basically what we want).

Her parents want all the kids to live at home forever she has 3 older sisters who still live at home with there spouses and kids.

Her parents never wanted her to get her license because they were afraid that she would leave them ( Once my girlfriend turned 18 she got her license)

When her family found out that my girlfriend and I were sexually active they stopped service on her phone so she couldn’t talk to me ( at this point my girlfriend was 20) and tried everything to break us up ( I ended up adding my girlfriend to my plan and I’m paying for it they hate me for that)

Last April 2021 Amy and I went on a weekend getaway for our anniversary her family was calling every 30mins and they blocked her debt card (reported it stolen) it was a fucking nightmare with the hotel ( we had put her card on file). I ended up putting her as a joint user on my account so she doesn’t have to go through her parents looking at her bank statements or reporting it stolen (they have access).

When they found out that I’m buying a house in Texas (I got a great job opportunity) and since everything is going as planned my girlfriend (soon to be wife) is going with me so we can start our life they had an absolute shit fit.

My girlfriend will be living with my family and I (my family loves her and would go anything for her) until we leave. I hate seeing her struggle emotionally.

I just don’t get why her parents and sisters are trying so hard to ruin the relationship she has with them.
How can I help my girlfriend in this situation?
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