Would you take your ex to a overseas trip and you are not an item?

The scenario you and your ex had been separated for like 12 years but legally they are not divorced. The ex husband still pays her some alimony, even if she works but they dont live together and according to the ex husband he is not in a romantic relationship with his ex, yeah right I dont believe that, Do you? You both share 2 teenage kids. The son lives with the father and the mother with the daughter. The former husband just recently was dating another chick who were dating her for 5 years but just in a casual way, not formal., the guy treated his latest lady more like a friend than a real girlfriend and he was that for 5 years with this casual lady.

The former wife has now a 4 years old baby daughter who supposedly is from anotehr man not her former ex, because the ex husband to other people he does not acknowledge it can be his, he says his ex wife has anotehr baby but never say it could be his, he only mentions "my ex has a baby daughter, he meant SHe is the one who has a daughter), but the daughter is registered with the last names of the guy and the mother. Also the ex husband had ketp this baby daughter from his family (cousisn aunts), never had mentioned them he may anbd possible have anotehr family member, he had kept this baby as a secret from the family. Myabe he does support her financially but he had never told anyone the daughter could be his.

For the holidays the ex husband travelled to Mexico with his 2 teenage kids (19 and 17), the son`s girlfriend, a friend of the son, and surprise, the ex wife also was with them on the trip. The ex husband supposedly is still dating casually the lady he has been seeing for 5 years so I wonder what the girlfriend thought about his boyfriend taking His ex to this trip, even if the boyfriend kids were in the trip and "one big happy family".
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I also wonder where the ex wife left her 4 yr old daughter, if she did not take her with her as the baby is jsut 4uyrs too young to travel still, I guess. She left her with her mom, the baby father (if the father is another man and not his ex)? What a messy odd bond these 2 exes have!!
Would you take your ex to a overseas trip and you are not an item?
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