How can I make my boyfriend happy after a huge fight?

Last night I made my boyfriend very upset. His dad was supposed to give me a ride home, and was refusing to do so; this went on past midnight. My mom, meanwhile, was getting very angry and upset with me. I got very upset, and decided to just leave. I ran out of the apartment and started to walk home. My boyfriend called me and I yelled at him, then broke down. They picked me up halfway and took me home.

Not only is he mad at me, but his dad is, too. My boyfriend is honestly considering leaving me over it- that's how upset he is. I understand that no apology could make up how I hurt him. I want to show him I love him, and want to be with him though. He currently won't talk to me... he only says good morning and good night.

I'm at a loss at what to do. He means the world to me, and I don't want to lose him over something so stupid... especially on my behalf.


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  • yo can't fix I being a jerk, by baking him cookies. his dad was supposed to take you home. how old is his dad 12.

    i do not see why your boyfriend is angry at you & why you are trying to suck up to them when they completely disrespected the agreement& are now mad at you. your mom was involved too seriously.

    as a point f dignity, if I were you I would not have ran. I would have calmly told them, since they broke the agreement to ensure I ride I am walking myself, & left calmly. resolving I was most likely through with my boyfriend (tho I do not have enough to detail from you to know for sure). altho couldnt' you have called a cab?