So this is what more men don't want to deal with right (part of the reason more won't commit)?

I still love my mother (she's my mom afterall), there are a couple things I can't stand and even lost a great deal of sympathy towards her and other women acting like this:

- She's the type of that can hurl the first small stone at you but you can't reply in kind. It transforms into an ''omg, how dare you insult/scream at me, I'm just a woman'' and she starts crying. I'm think if you're weak as you claimed, have no verbal comback nor skills to back you up (except relying on the person having the patience of a saint) and can't handle the same insult you threw, why the hell did you started things''.

- When she starts arguments, she expects you to forget about it in minutes or so. However if you started one, she'll stay upset for as long as she wants, not letting it go already. It's similar to a child that misbehave and still expects you to take him to Disney World.

- While she supports both men and women working, she once said ''But if he's wealthy why bother working'' after I told her I still wanted to work. This doesn't make sense. Why wouldn't I work and have my own business too? This contradicts her support on fair opportunities. I want to work regardless if he's wealthy or not. I'm all for fairness all the way.

- She sometime either adds, omits things or elaborates the version of a story to the point she believes that's the truth. The last time this happened, it nearly caused a separation (she kept threatening with a divorce) between my parents. She was defaming my father's character, enough to make him cry. Luckily it backfired. No one in her family (not even her own mother) believed her. They all knew that was another one of her ''drama queen'' episode.

She was born in 1965 (giving birth to me in 1987) but seems to be acting like the so called ''modern'' and dramatic woman more men don't want to deal with. Overall are these the type of women they're complaining about, making them harder to trust one enough to marry them and have kids with?
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Not to brag but even though I have more verbal comebacks in an argument and know some techniques I've learned from Judo, I still want a peaceful life away from drama. I hate arguments, conflicts and fights. Unless it's the very last resort, there is no need. Pointless

I just find it even more pathetic if you start conflicts and have nothing to back it up with.
So this is what more men don't want to deal with right (part of the reason more won't commit)?
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