How should I handle not trusting my boyfriend have I done everything I can do?

My boyfriend can have sweet side but There was a 2 month period in our relationship that really broke my confidence, he would criticize what I was wearing and would say things that made me feel stupid, we worked through it, then he told me I shouldn’t have guy friends because they all want to sleep with me, I went with it for a while even tho it didn’t feel right, just to find out he has a friend that’s a girl he has been giving relationship advice to and another he says he has known since high school, this made me question his character, so I went on his phone to find out he had deleted the messages with these women, we have also been together for almost 2 years and there was no relationship status on his FB, his reason for the deleted messages was one girl changed her number the other was annoying, as for the relationship status he told me he barely went on FB which is not true bc I see him on it almost everyday, when I said that he changed his reason to there are 2 types of people that go on Facebook, ones that post and people that just look and he never really posts so it’s kinda believable but I feel really bothered by all of this. I’ve had conversations with him saying I do not want him to delete his messages with other women, I asked if I could look at who is messaging him to help me rebuild my trust, he agreed then keeps taking it back, denies putting any limitations on me like not having guy friends and the Hypocrisy of it. I’m at a point where my confidence is really broken although I’m still not convinced he’s cheating I just think his privacy is important to him, he has told me he wants to marry me and he loves me so I have had that verbal reassurance, I’ve found myself crying for hours because I have given him a lot emotionally, mentally, financially more so than he has me, he would rather get into an argument, saying he hasn’t cheated so there is no reason for this, invalidate my feelings and sleep on the couch.
How should I handle not trusting my boyfriend have I done everything I can do?
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