If you are separated from your SO, Would you take your ex to an overseas trip?

Let say you had been separated from your ex for like11 years but not legally divorced yet and you still pay your ex alimony. Now you get along better with your ex than when you were married you both had 2 kids in common that now one is 20 years old and the other one is 16. The daughter (16) lives with the mother and the son lives with the father.

Your former ex has another kid (in this case a 4 yrd old baby) from the guy she is currently had a relationship with and you as her former ex enjoys to give from time to time gifts to the little girl, even if it is not yours but there is a little chance the baby it is from the ex husband but the ex wife does not want to say and the ex husband say it is not his.

The ex huband still pays his ex wife alimony since they got separated. Anyway the ex husband took the ex wife for an overseas trip with their kids.

I mean if the ex has a relationship with another guy supposedly, if you were that "guy",

Would you be ok for your lady to be on a trip with her ex and either leave the baby she has with you in your care or your partner took the 4 yrd old daughter with her for the 2 week vacations? The ex went to the overseas trip with her ex husband but also in that trip the other children were too.
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I forgot to mention the little baby even if the motehr does not say is from her ex, she is registered under her ex last names, the baby does not have the last name of the real father if the real father turns out to be the current mother SO. That is because since the couple still is not legally divorced yet fro 11 years, for the Birth National record, the couple still is married and they are both the baby parents.
If you are separated from your SO, Would you take your ex to an overseas trip?
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