He says he loves me, misses me, thinks about me....but wants no relationship.

Now, typically, I see this as an attempt to get out of a relationship without hurting the other person's feelings. I've used this line myself, so I'm familiar with its impact. However, he texts me things like, "I miss you so much, and think about you all the time."

Then, when we get together to sort out why we broke up, he gave me this line, "I still want a friendship with you." After that, I made it clear to him that he lives at home still, doesn't hang out with any other female friends, and would be inviting me to family cookouts, movies and dinners. I explained to him that this was a relationship, but without the emotional attachment. He actually said to me, "Oh, you're right. I didn't see it that way, but you're right."

Keep in mind, he's not the "brightest" when it comes to relationships, so I have full awareness that he's not trying to be sneaky or anything - he simply doesn't understand life.

I also told him that by him wanting to still spend time with me and no one else, is kind of a sign that he wants to be with me.

My question is:

1.) Why, after he even admits to me that he NOW sees the friendship would be a relationship, is this not so obvious to him that what he wants is ME? Is he just this dense?

He admits that he thinks about me all the time, misses me, even loves me.then he admits that he wants to have a great friendship (which translates as "relationship"), and still wants to keep in touch. Again, he's not conniving in any way, but I'm really losing my interest in this situation because he sounds a bit bipolar (he's not. But you know what I mean).

Are there any males (or females) out there that have been in this similar, amazingly confusing, situation (from either side of the story)?

Help me make some sense of this crazy person!
He says he loves me, misses me, thinks about me....but wants no relationship.
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