Dating for 8 months, is it as serious as I think?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months, and he tells me he has never had these feelings before. He is 25 and I am 23 years old. He dated his ex for 2 years, and he is still friends with her, and they have gotten together once or twice. She also has a boyfriend.

This is my second serious boyfriend, first one being 7 years, and we were each others firsts. I have never had a boyfriend who had an ex before, so its hard knowing he loved someone else before me, even though its realistic. He broke up with her about 10 months ago, and withen two months he was with me. He told me is was mentally out of his exes relationship way before he actually ended it.

I am not the jealous type, so him being friends with her doesn't bother me. I stay in contact with my ex sometimes as well, which he is totally cool with. I just want to know the chances of him going back to the ex since he didn't get a lot of grieving time before he jumped in with me. they fought a lot, and she was a very jealous person. We are complete opposites, and I think the only thing she has on me is an amazing family, where mine are kinda " crazy" in a way. we are very different people, physically, mentally, just complete different people.

We Haven't fought, just minor disagreements. I am on a college internship this summer so we have seen each other about 5 times this summer. but I have 2 weeks left before we are in the same town again.

We are very happy, and he tells me he loves me, cares for me, and we have talked about the future a couple times, but we are not rushing into anything. I graduate college in December so we talked about me moving in then, but nothing is for sure, and we only brought it up a couple times.

anyone ever scared he will leave you for his ex?


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  • Talk to him and let him know