Could you be in an open relationship? Why or why not?

I recently met a married couple in an open relationship. They said they’re doing it because they live too far apart most of the year (one is a student in America and the other works in Asia)…plus they are swingers. I guess I can understand this because they’re highly sexual and decided to make their long distance relationship “realistic”. And needless to say, they’re still together.

As convenient as this may sound, I’m not buying it. I guess because I could never be in an open relationship with the person I decide to marry. I figure why make the commitment if you plan on still living the single life? When I’m in a relationship, I want my man all to myself as a lover and companion…I don’t want to share him with anyone.

I know it’s all about different strokes for different folks but what do you think about open relationships. Could you have one with someone who you consider to be the love of your life or are open relationships permissible cheating which could ruin a relationship or marriage.

Please feel free to share your experiences, opinions or viewpoints on open relationships and remember to state whether you could or could not do it and why?

Could you be in an open relationship? Why or why not?
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