How to reassure an insecure boyfriend?

Alright this totally got me out of the blue.

Sunday night I was out with my boyfriend and a couple of mates and this random guy sorta hit on me but I just blew it off. My boyfriend got a little possessive and draped his arms over me and said something smart back to the guy.

Later on that night my boyfriend started going on about how he couldn't imagine that I hadn't cheated on him (in a sad emotional way) and that if I wanted I could have any guy in the bar.

I don't understand where this all came from and he genuinely seemed down and out about it.

Is there anyway to reassure him that it's all in his head and that I only want him?


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  • This may seem odd, but instead of reassuring, you need to threaten his confidence for this to get better. Allow me to explain.

    If you were to baby his ego and exaggerate saying things you normally wouldn't on a daily basis, he's going to have more fuel for his jealousy and insecurity.

    However, if you agree with him, and threaten to upset his balance by stating something such as, "You're right, if you don't stop being such a baby and give me back my man I may have to cheat" you can say it with a smile even, but the kick in the teeth statement will jar his ego back into survival mode, and he'll buck up.

    The natural reaction with the low self-esteemed, and the insecure heart wrecks is to console them. But sometimes you just gotta show some tough love, and you'll be doing them a better favor.

    Remind this guy who you went home with and who is still at the bar running routines on girls.

    Hope this helps.

    • Yeah, you got that right. Don't let your man be a wuss. If a kick in the teeth doesn't right his ship, he may be a lost cause and you'll either have to settle for what you got or move on to the other guy.

    • Wow that really works?

    • only on people with a penis

  • Sadly it's not that easy. To him your the most beautiful girl in the world, basically all you can do is tell him just what you told us. He has to take it upon himself to feel secure that you are only his.


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