Love? or is it really just friendship?

For a little over a month ago I got my first real boyfriend and I really like him. But I'm not sure that it's really love, because I don't really want to kiss him or anything, but I'd rather just do things like talking (about anime or music or something like that). He's 3 years older than me, but kinda on the same level as me (girlfriend/boyfriend wise). He really is very nice to me and doesn't expect anything to fast, but he tells that me he loves me a lot and I can't reply because I don't know what loves means, so I can't make myself tell him that.

I'm having doubts about whether it really is love or it's just friendship and that I maybe should tell him that I just want to be friends.

Anybody with some experience on this specifically? Advises? anything would be nice?


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  • As harsh as it sounds, you should probably tell him that you just want to be friends. It's nice to be attracted to your boyfriend physically as well as emotionally. Although, if you're fine with being in a relationship without kissing or anything like that then more power to you.

  • u just hv to take some time and then wait for the right momment,u will get your answer by heart


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