Should I go back? He's a good guy?

Well... I have been separated from my ex for a long time but we still talk. He also visited me because we live in different states now. I am wondering if I am meant to marry him. We get along really well with each other it's just a lot of the times.. I don't feel "in love" with him but there are times were we communicate and I feel safe/ protected/ good but then there are times where I think I'd be happier with someone else (don't know if that's true) or some stuff he does annoys me because he's not the person... I want him to be lol just over little stuff.. Like I wish he were more goofier.. I'm wondering if I should just end up marrying him or going back to him...

I honestly am wondering if that's what I'm supposed to do... I mean... I have NOT found anyone else... And I'm not settling but I guess my "faith" or something is making me wonder if God has purposed this... Because honestly for about 2 or so years.. I've been praying and asking God to give me somebody... And nothing happened out of ALL my prayers... not to mention I took many chances only to see myself get rejected

and now I'm wondering if it's in God's will... to just be with my ex... I talk to him, we get along well and if I really worked on it we could do well as a couple

But then my worry is... What if I do marry him? What if I meet someone else and I think they are cute and etc?

But I think I'm answering my own question.. I just need your guys' opinion on this...
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Also... he's a good guy... I would like to date other guys to see what it's like on the other side... But God hasn't answered that prayer yet and those doors haven't been opened but my ex is a good guy, we get along... and it's nice having his as company I don't know...

Should I go back? He's a good guy?
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