I'm not sure if I'm in love with my boyfriend, who I've been dating for close to 2 years.

hes a great guy. I KNOW he would do anything for me, he loves me, and he sees a future with us together; but the thing is and don't get me wrong I care about him a lot and I think I love him...i mena I say it, but its not the feeling I expected. I mean in songs and movies I see people in love and its absouletly remarkable and there's a lot of movies out there so I know it can't possibly be a lie, but I don't feel like that. Also I mean could it be an age thing I mean we are both 17 turning 18 this year...idk its a question that's been popping up in my mind for a long time


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  • The fact that you have to wonder if you really do love him, means you don't actually. You can care about someone an awful lot but still not be in love with them. You can also love someone but not be IN love with them. It's possible you love being with him and you love how he makes you feel and you love all the things he does for you, but are you in love with him?

    As for the movies things, love is never like in the movies. I fell in love at my house, there was no music there was no amazing passionate sex and I didn't feel fireworks when I kissed him. I just knew I loved him when I didn't have to wonder if I did. I was genuinely happy with him no matter what happened with our lives and he to this day is the most important thing to me.

    • How do you know your in love with him....what should I do wait to fall in love......i don't want him to be the one and I let him go becuase I'm stupid