Have you ever lost anything due to dating/relationship?

Just as the title suggests, has your decision to date or get into a relationship caused you to lose anything? I'm not talking emotionally, I'm talking about friends, work, etc etc

Here's a recent one from me, we all have our close group of friends, but then we also have different social circles we dwell in, co-workers, gym members, the list goes on. Flash backward to a party some buddies at work of mine had a few months back, kicking back, laying low, no stress. Then a girl who had just started working with us walked in the door. I guess you know what happens next, eyes lock, get a ride home, get a number. I did 0% work and she was doing all the flirting etc and she's pretty cute, how could I pass this up?

We started going out, I should've known better. I should've known better the second I noticed two work buddies of mine had become her friend just to try and get with her, I mean I'm talking about her making them her slaves, and the poor bastards gotta put up with her flirting and going out, banging etc other guys while doing EVERYTHING for her. This should have told me a lot about this girl, all she wants is attention, that's all she ever wanted from me and nothing more. A close buddy of mine called it and told me she's no good and to BACK OFF ASAP, I thought I was in control and just "seeing how things turn out", f*** that! I was falling for her and she knew it.

Anyways, things turned sour between us over the course of a few months, even to the point of an argument. this is when I knew I lost completely, I started out not caring and just "playing it by ear" and ended up investing so much effort and curiosity into it that she could make me pissed off like that. This is what she wanted, she got hers, I lost mine.

During the time we went out, she masterfully flirted and charmed her way into that friend group of mine, so when we broke it off, which was nobodies business anyway, I had 98% of all the people I knew in that social group against me. I lost countless of buddies, am not even invited to any parties etc etc I just got blacklisted, just because I went out with her. Now keep in mind I knew everybody a year before her, got along great, perfect work harmony, this woman smashed this into pieces for me to the point where I gotta tip my hat, I got check mated so stealthily and skillfully, I'm still picking my jaw off of the ground.

I had to stop working there anyway but was offered part time, THAT I had to refuse for obvious reasons. Last time I worked there I had more than half the office stare at me like I'm jason vorhees, god knows what kinda stories that woman told them about me.

I'm cutting off all those connections but I still hear her name and know about events I'm blacklisted on because of her, I f***ed up. I got outplayed by the worst kinda woman and it's my fault, I thought I was in control and couldn't see through her mask and payed the price.

So how about you guys? Ever had anything like this?

Have you ever lost anything due to dating/relationship?
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