Am I doing the right thing by being distant? Why the double standard?

I have been with my boyfriend for over a year now.Due to school,we are in long distance relationships,we see each other during all the holidays,and we love each other,however my boyfriend seems to be taking me for granted.He can go a whole day without texting me back or calling me back,and he would give me his reasons and expect me to understand them.He sleeps before I do,and we usually talk before he goes to bed,and I normally text him before I sleep wishing him to have a good day(we have 6hrs difference),most of the times he texts me back around 11pm his time,which is around 5pm my time,and I always ask him why he doesn't text before going to school or during his breaks,but again his has excuses,another example I would call him and he wouldn't pick up and he would later tell me that he was talking to a friend and he couldn't put them on hold,even though I called several times and even texted.Small things like those he does that I find inconsiderate.I was becoming clingy,and I decided to back off,i text him back when he texts,that way I don't have to wonder why he is not texting me back,or text him once not all the time like I used too,but now the problem is he keeps asking me why I am not texting him,telling me that I am making me suffer,that am being mean to him,and I really don't know what to say.I don't want to end up being insecure and very clingy that's why I am being distant,but I do know how to explain this to him.Recently he told me that I am very sensitive,because I was sad that I called him several times and he didn't pick up,and he also said that I used to me more confident but now I freak out for small things.Do you think I am being mean to him?How come when he does it he things its okay but when I do it it seems so unfair to him?I am doing the right thing by being distant and spending time studying and hanging out with friends rather than waiting for his texts and calls?Thank you very much

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I feel like when he has time he remembers me and I have to be there,and when he doesn't have time I have to understand but not the other way around.Like its always when its convenient for him!
Am I doing the right thing by being distant? Why the double standard?
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