Signs a man is in love but afraid to show it?

Let's say this man has been hurt in the past and is really afraid to give his whole heart again but has told his recent girlfriend he does love her, he's just afraid to lose her.

What are some signs that a man loves a woman but is too afraid to show it?


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  • Talks about you. Wants to see you/talk to you constantly. Puts your needs and you before his own/him. Shows that he genuinely cares. Basically the small things are what's going to show you this. The things that he does but is not really aware of him doing it, ie the things that he just does.


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  • 1. If he sends you messages at unexpected times, and keeps doing it even if you don't respond right away.

    2. If he gives you advice without being asked, and doesn't get upset if you won't take the advice.

    3. He mentions you when talking to other attractive women.

  • if he wipes you ass for you if you cannot for some reason. now that's love!


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  • If a man is in love, he'll always show it.

    In your scenario, the guy has cut out all the guess work by saying he loves you. If you want more evidence, look at what he does with regard to the small things.

    For example, helping you with the dishes without asking or maybe tidying up the house before you get there.

    Look for behavior s which are sweet and are concerned with your wellbeing or opinion.

  • He'll let you hold the remote control.

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