I'm 26 and tired of being alone.

Ok, to start, I've never been the most popular person. I've had my share of one night stands(mutual choice) when I was in high school, I fell in love for the first time when I was 19, we were together for 9 months and became engaged, then she cheated on me.We then took a break and a female friend of mine kissed me (she was attractive but I was in love and not looking for fwb) My girl and I got back together, until last year when she cheated on me again and I just couldn't forgive her a second time.

Since then, I've went on a couple of dates, one or two 1NS, and a 6 week steady relationship, that was crap from the start, but I was tired of being alone, needless to say, we broke up because I didn't want to argue and was tired of all her yelling. All the decent girls are taken, interested in someone else, or just not interested unless you're rich.

I do have some emotional baggage, trust issues (wouldn't you after the love of your life cheated on you not just once but twice after promising themselves completely to you?)

I'm not rich, I look pretty good IMO,6'4 200lbs, I'm physically fit, hard working,very intelligent, honest to a fault, confident and when I am dating someone I am solely devoted to them. I'm not really the jealous type, but if I feel that a guy is encroaching on my girl in a way that I feel is reserved for me or is seriously trying to get with my girl, then yeah, I get jealous, but just talking in general is cool with me. I'm not clingy even though I do like a certain level of attention, that I am more than willing to reciprocate.

I expect only a handful of things in the non physical aspect of a relationship; honesty, fidelity, and devotion, as well as intelligence, humor, and more than a few things in common wouldn't hurt.

As far as physically, height/weight proportionate, (prefer shorter than me and not to outweigh me) I'm a dominate personality so I like a submissive woman in the boudoir, I don't mean a sex slave but attentive, sensual, and nurturing partner, that goes to lengths to satisfy me as I would also do for her.

I have found girls that are good for the short run, one night stands, and even a few chick friends but that have no interest in me romantically, or they are already taken by guys who beat them, mistreat them, or leave them with children and no child support.

So I have only found a couple of choices, get laid on occasion, with no emotional attachment, or have a ever growing list of chick friends that aren't into me because they're taken, interested in someone else,don't date anyone they put in the friend zone or my favorite, I'm just not in a good place in my life (like anyone has been in a good place since the economy crashed, doesn't mean we should abandon dating all together)

So my question to you; what can a guy like me do to get one of the good girls, the ones worth keeping? Any assist appreciated.
I'm 26 and tired of being alone.
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