Why am I only good enough to sleep with not for a relationship?

im 21 and I've had 2 very horrible things happen to me withing the last 4 years and since then I basically went crazy! I was wild and crazy trying to find happiness within partying as in going to the club and dancing not drinking yet or in a guy. I've stopped all that completely when me and my best friend departed she was not a good influence on my life she is not the same girl I met in 10th grade. All my friends are in serious relationships,engaged,or married with a kid or two . But the thing is they all rushed it but tell me not too but yet there happy? It makes me feel like pure sh*t.

I've been single 2 and some change years and its really getting to me I'm not happy I've recently lost 12lbs still trying but sometimes it just feels like its not working anymore & I will always be this super fat chick even tho I'm not fat that's how I feel now. any ways ... all I've had in the past 2 and some years are friends with benefits, badddd dates, the pathelogical liars, or the extreme player as in he sleeps with 150 people no kidding really and still thinks he's a good guy.

Im sick and tired of it something has got to change! I'm stronger than what I was an I just want a normal guy in my life that will stay longer than a week or 7months(my longest relationship) . I had a friend with benefits this year but I know he doesn't like me even tho he did ask me if I wanted 2 be his "baby" I think he's just physically attracted to me if you don't know the story its under my last does my fwb's like me question please read it. he's the only guy I've slept with this year abd its been 2 months... yea.

i need some positive insight!
Why am I only good enough to sleep with not for a relationship?
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