Unstable relationship meets ultimatum. What to do?

I recently lost the only relationship in my life with any stability. I have been seeing a guy blake for a bit now and throughout this time we fought and argued. We have amazing chemistry but be both suffer from Major Depression and when things are good they are great but when there bad they are horrible. We are both on meds but meds aren't a magic cure. I have been suicidal for years now.

When I lost the stable relationship I went down hill and finally figured out that I needed to be happy or I was going to die. So I told Blake I wanted a break. I have been told that you need to get rid of negative influences to be happy. I told him I wanted the break so he could learn to be positive (we've had a rocky relationship but I didn't want to end it). I wanted stability in the relationship so I could trust that I could rely on it the next day...but now I don't know if we'll fight and be there tomorrow...Last night he gave me the Ultimatum that we either stay together or we don't. I don't wan to lose him because I know he can be happy and things can be great...but were not there yet and I also know how bad things can get and that they can change in a heart beat... I don't know what to do...and I'm to depressed I can't think about anything well...

Unstable relationship meets ultimatum. What to do?
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