I was wondering why do many girls and many women (if not, some girls and some women) love cheaters?

Fellow GAG members I apologize for the title and like the title suggests I was wondering about it and no I didn't say all I mean most if not some and don't say I'm sexist when I'm not and please help me figure it out thanks.

I was wondering why do many girls and many women if not some girls and some women love cheaters?

Like if you cheat on your girlfriend/wife or view p*rn she loves you but if you choose to live by moral of never cheat and never dishonest she try to make you to be dishonest and cheat on her and if you don't cheat or lie then she will go for another guy who does.

So if that's what many wives and girlfriends want from their man maybe I should just give up and die alone and die as a virgin since many of them never wait till marriage and they want liars and cheaters if it is the case.

I guess there is no such thing as love it's a made up word thinking girls and women who choose to date/marry you love you when they don't oh well I might as well never bother anymore and if any girls and any women asks me out I might be impossible to get to date/marry and turn all of them down flat turkey.

Anyway thanks for letting me rant and thanks for your time and thanks for your answers :).
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Those of you who say keep trying why should I keep trying my problems women and girls will never understand and never will one of turnoffs that will turn them off is I still live with my parents even if I explain to her my problems and my situations and she probably will never understand
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I like to apologize to all of you and those gave me some helpful answers thanks and everyone else think I'm lying here is a special question for you name how many true nice guys a good man that never cheat or dishonest that have happy girlfriends and happy wives and never gets bored of him who never cheat and loves him for who he is if you can.

Name them and name how nice guys you know of who always get rejected never even giving a chance and then compare the numbers then you'll understand
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Why I was confuse why they get love while honest,faithful men and good men like myself gets no love no respect from women and only can get scraps from cheaters no nothing if you want those cheaters fine then leave us alone and have fun without us and get your heart broke every time and yes we are starting to wake up and realize what's going on
I was wondering why do many girls and many women (if not, some girls and some women) love cheaters?
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