Am I making it too much of a big deal that my boyfriend isn't romantic?

Its almost our one year relationship and no matter how much

I hint and talk to him about how much I want more romance

in our relationship it seems like he would rather not. My

definition of romance isn't extreme like bringing me flowers

everyday on a white stallion. All I ask from him is that he

could hug me more and kiss me like he loves me. Sometimes

i can't help but worry that he's just not into me. his hugs

include a one arm frendly hug and his kisses are a little peck

on the lips. I keep my teeth really clean with brush and floss

and I'm not unattractive! so I don't understand it. but when it

comes down to sex he still doesn't step it up. I've had a fb and

our sex feels exactly like that! very unconnected and just lots

of dirty talk. I'm OK with a good f* and dirty talk but not all the

time. I don't know how many times I've talked about more

passion in our relationship but it always turns out the same.

he asks well what do I need to do? and I tell him what I want

and how I want it but its always the same. And he definitely

isn't OK with kissing in public. I've never had problems with

guys not wanting to caress my body all day ( not to sound cocky) but what he tells me was in all of his relationships, and he has had quite a few, have only wanted sex. He is not comfortable with pda or even romance in our own home. Its just getting to the point to where is frustrating especially during sex. Is there something I need to say to him or something I am doing wrong? I love him and I want it to work but I need to feel loved. I want the hugs, kisses, compliments, and cuddles. Please help
Am I making it too much of a big deal that my boyfriend isn't romantic?
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