Long distance to same city. I think it'll make us break up?

my boyfriend and I have lived about 4 hrs (driving) away for the past few months and before summer longer than that for almost year. now he's moving to my city and I think it's going to be BAD and NOT good for our relationship.

he's moving here for a year to do a one year master's degree in medical sciences (not med school, but almost like it). it's a very difficult program, with little free time to spend relaxing and doing what you want.

i would hope in my head that he spends what little free time he will have with me...but I know in his mind he's going to spend it kite boarding (kind of like sailing and surfing at the same time) which isn't just a sport its a culture. you usually spend the WHOLE day out on the water and then go out with the other "kiters" at night. his mom/dad don't want him bring his kiteboarding stuff with him because they know it's a BIG distraction for him, and I know he's already asking around for numbers of other "kiters" in my area.

when we were long dist we had some semi-big problems but we worked through them, and I was hoping that him moving here would make our relationship stronger because we could spend more time together and it would be a lot less stress because we could see each other very easily. I also hoped that it would help to heal the still kind of open wounds from our past problems.

don't get me wrong, I understand that he needs other things in his life, but being that he's going to be here for a year, and after that who knows where, I would hope that he invests the majority of his time into our relationship...but it's seeming like his real relationship is with kiteboarding. and I'm already starting to get upset and resent him over it.

i feel like we're actually more likely to break up, because I'm going to resent him not spending a majority of what LITTLE free time he has with me even more once he's up here. I can't stress enough the part about him having practically NO free time between studying and going to class, and that he would have to choose between kiteboarding and me.

i already kinda expressed my feelings over text but his reply is that he's hoping to use his free time to go kiteboarding and see me...but I know there's not enough time to go around.

what do I do? where do I go from here? I don't want to stress him out because he has orientation this Wednesday, but at the same time this is kind of important to me.
Long distance to same city. I think it'll make us break up?
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