Should I reply to her message or not?

I love my ex girlfriend, we split up two months ago but started seeing each other for a short period after. She then started seeing another guy but said it wasn't for certain. I then told her I can't be friends with her and can't take it whilst she's seeing someone else because my feelings are too strong for her. I gave her an ultimatum to try things again or end things between us.

She ended saying we shouldn't be together and we weren't right for each other. She then said she was confused about the situation. I took this has she's made her decision and its over.

I then told her I would like to keep in contact with her but not now as its too soon and hopefully friends in the future. She wanted to keep in contact with me though. She agreed not too.

Then I went out and got drunk with friends had a great night and put pictures on Facebook book me with other women.

She then texts me the next day saying she hates me and seeing pictures of me sleazing over other girls on Facebook was embarrassing. She said she was talking to her friends about getting back with me and crying on the phone to her mum about me I then put the pictures up which she found embarrassing.

I told her she didn't want to get back with me, she's seeing someone else and she told me to move I didn't do anything wrong. She was very upset about this. We then agreed not to have contact for a while and delete each others numbers.I deleted hers.

Then two days later she sends me this text message

'' Hey sorry about all the drama the other day. I was out of order.I'm all chilled again now and sorting myself out lol.Hope your OK and doing well with your abs. 'm still kicking ass at the gym. Take care xxxx''

I have not replied to the message.

I take it she still has feelings for me...and why would she contact me after she agreed to delete my number?

I think she needs time and space to think if she really wants me that's why I haven't replied to the message.

Or should I reply saying the following:

No problem about your behavior its understandable feelings are still there,no harm done :-) It wasn't my intention to hurt you with the pics. I know ending it was very difficult and sounds like your probably not sure/confused if you've made the right decision. I think its best we don't have contact for a while give each other serious space and time..hence I didn't reply for ages. Hope your OK babe. Best wishes xxxxxxxx

Before this she did say to me on the phone she loves me and wants to be with me but can't because of all the stuff that's happened between us in the past.

I do love her still and want to get back with her. But I think she needs space to think and see if she really misses me for the right reason.

Should I reply to her message or not?
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