When guys find a girl that matches what they say they want, why do they take her for granted?

i always hear guys say that girls only go for jerks, but in my experience it's been kinda that way with the kinds of girls guys go after.

i hear SO many guys say they want a "good girl." I'm a "good girl" or at least I think so. I know it sounds full of myself but this is me: I've only had 3 bf's total, and only slept with them. I have two undergrad degrees and I'm very smart (my college paid me to go there). I have a great paying job and I believe that it's only fair that in a relationship both people should pay for things not just one person. I treat my bfs like gold, send them little presents if I see something small that they would like, I've even flown down to see my boyfriend for a week because he was scared of the surgery he was having. I make a HUGE effort to be friendly with my bf's entire family, especially his mom and sister. I'm EXTREMELY loyal and honest, and I've NEVER cheated and couldn't bring myself to do so. and when it comes to "intimacy" I have a decent sex drive (more than I'd say the average girl) and I love having sex. I never say these things out loud (except on here) because I feel like everything speaks for itself.

i feel like I have everything that I hear guys say that they want in a girl I am...yet I feel like my boyfriend is taking me for granted, and the last two bfs I had did. my boyfriend has said many times in the past that he loves that I'm so different from any other girl he's ever met.

what am I doing wrong here? what's going on? how do I get my boyfriend to not take me for granted? I just don't get it...

p.s. I know girls who have done the same to "good" guys so please don't take this as a one sided thing, I'm just asking about my situation and what I've dealt with.
When guys find a girl that matches what they say they want, why do they take her for granted?
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