Can You Give A Broken Heart?

Anyone you love can break your heart, even if you didn't want to love them in the first place.

My Dad broke my heart, in so many ways and so many times. Anyone with a broken heart knows that trust means something. Now broken hearts mend and heal, but the scar remains and though in someways it is so much stronger, in other ways it is so very weak.

Walls are built to defend any future attacks, and the choices are usually selective for anyone you let into your life.

Maybe, perhaps, you move on, and you meet someone who you really come to love. But then there is that big step. Whether or not you've had your heart broken, it's usually scary and strange.

My question though, comes to this.

Those of us who have had our hearts broken, we have to be careful because we have pieces to offer, not whole. We have baggage, sometimes very harsh, and walls that have to be conquered.

It takes a special person to be able to accept a broken heart, and someone who hasn't had their heart broken might not understand, or feel that they are getting what they are giving.

I have let what broke my heart go, I've moved on, but the ache, the sadness, the fear, and the lack of trust remains, even though I have forgiven my Dad.

So, can you give a broken heart?

Can you accept one?
Can You Give A Broken Heart?
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