Do you ever feel "too good" for relationships?

All of my life I've been told over and over how I'm a great guy, a good kid, just everything of that sort. Older women often say that I'm handsome even. I'm not ugly, maybe a little out of shape, but I've seen much heavier guys with cute girls so I don't see that being an issue. Honestly I feel that being raised in a conservative home is the biggest thing holding me back from dating and relationships.

In a world where young adults are the most liberal out of any age demographic, my conservative nature just doesn't gel with them. I'm "not cool enough for them" and "wouldn't have a good time with them" and "am too boring" and they say this without even really knowing who I am. How do they even know, because believe it or not, I'd really like to go out and enjoy life while I'm young too?

It's really made me bitter towards the majority of my peers and girls as well. People are only attracted to and date people that are trouble, or that will just be easy to be intimate with or have sex with, and I'm mainly referring to most attractive young women these days.

"Trouble" is something that I am not. But I'm not dull either. Get to know me and you'd find that I'm honestly not opposed to partying, or a little bit of drinking, or acting a little crazy, just don't do something stupid. Be smart, stay off of drugs because I don't want anything to do with them. I just have standards. So many people do not.

But because people are they way they are, and show little signs of growing up anytime soon, I'm forced to wait until someone (maybe) wises up and figures out that I'm an (obvious) good choice to date and build a relationship with? That's bulls***.

People my age just disgust me for the most part. I'm not even trying to sound like I think that I'm somehow "superior" to them but at the same time, they always have an excuse to justify their own stupid mistakes and behaviors. Then they twist it on someone like me and make me sound like the person that has a screw loose. It's like how someone accuses them of being immature and they say "no I'm just a fun person," and then turn around and call you boring. And in response to that, actually, "no, they're just immature," and refuse to accept that fact.

I would be very lucky to find a relationship anytime soon because of the nature of my peers. That's just how I feel. "Too good" for most of them.
Do you ever feel "too good" for relationships?
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