Signs A Woman Is Falling In Love

What are some unspoken signs that a woman is falling in love with a man she's been dating for a few months?


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  • The way she will look you in the eyes, its almost intense, and trust me you will feel it and you will know.


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  • When she tells you she misses you and can't wait to see you again. When she doesn't want to leave when it's time for you to go. Sometimes the way she looks at you, holds you, caresses you...things she says to you, compliments you, listens to what you say, etc.

  • 1) She is looking at your eyes warmly while you are talking

    2) She keeps listening to you to the end

    3) She tries to touch (or hold) your arm when walking

    4) She smiles a lot

    5) She tries to stay with you as much as she wants to

    6) She follows you to the toilet when walking because she is only looking at you and doesn't recognize where that is.


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