How do I break it off with this guy?

I've been with this guy since September of 2009. In January of this year I had to move 300 miles away for a while (8 months) so we broke up. When I got back in August I was really enjoying the single life but the guy wanted to be in a relationship with me still (for the sake of me not confusing myself I'll name him Jason because Jason is a cool name is it not?). Alright, so Jason and I talked it out and we decided to have an open relationship. From August until now I had planned to be with 2 guys but in the end I was only with one (I was invited to have a threesome with the first guy and his girlfriend but that was cancelled and I just made out with the second guy.. nothing more). Jason never did anything with anyone.

Now, the roles have switched and he wants to play the single role while I just really want to settle down and be in a serious relationship. Currently we have sex daily but are not a couple and I am not happy. I have tried to break up with him multiple times but every time I try to end it Jason always talks me back into being with him again (he'll rub my feet, surprise me with gifts, take me out to eat, buy my mom and sister presents, watch my girlie shows with me, do my hair for me, and just be the best boyfriend ever pretty much).

Then after I forget about wanting to dump him we go back to friends with benefits again. How do I get out of this relationship? How do I tell him that I really don't want to be with him at all if I can't be with him fully?


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  • It's going to be very hard because your attached to him physically and emotionally. I think you would have to slowly pull yourself away from him. Meaning not naswering your phone and stop seeing him.It's like yo uand him are in a relationship then your not. You want something serious and he seems to want to play games and not be serious. I think you can break away from all of this but your going to have to want to break away from this and try to move on. You know what you want and he still seems like he is confuse and trying to play with your mind and emotions.


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