When does a relationship falls out of infatuation and into LOVE?

I know the difference between infatuation and love. My question is when do you start to recognize the shift from infatuation to love? When do you start saying "Hmm...I think I'm in love now"?

It can be certain feelings or anything. I'm asking about the shift in feelings...when does it happen? How do you recognize it?



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  • It doesn't always happen.

    When it happens, is when you start to get really annoyed with the person, feel disappointed in them sometimes, start to want to spend time doing things separately ... but still care about them and want to be together as a couple.

    When you're infatuated, you can't really love because doing things with and for that person gives you a chemical reward. It's not a choice in anyway ... it's like a cocaine binge. But loving someone is when things aren't always amazing (and even sometimes downright suck), but you still care deeply enough to keep putting effort into your relationship.


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  • Explain what you mean by "love" and "in love". I think you might mean that the OMG phase passed and now it's the "Oh I'm so in love with you". Is that right?

    • Yup, right. So?

    • Well so now you know you really do love this person, right? When you look at other people, are they contenders for your love or are they all a poor second place compared to the person you are in love with? I find that if I consider everyone else to be a poor second to my lover then I'm probably very much in love!

  • maybe when you are no longer "crazy" about the other person, but still have true loving thoughts that don't concern what he/she can make for you, but you for them. Before I was completely "omg" kind of thing, but now it isn't colder, its just that fantasies about the person went away and I see the person as is including the persons faults but don't condemn them, there is that kind of inner peace to it - from my perspective.Being yourself yet being fine with the other without pointing out their faults, if they do something bad I am willing to forgive from the heart. I don't know if this is the thing you are looking for but still. I never thought to even thinking of - it is love now-. There's just too much to it and it would take pages perhaps to get close.


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