Is he in love or is he just another ho.rny teen or could he be both please help I love this boy like crazy

Sorry its so long but I need a lot of help so please helppp? Me and my boyfriend have been together 3 months an we've talked 4 before we started dating he 16 I'm 17 we havf the same birthday an were both virgins. About a month ago I told him I wouldn't have it unless I've been with someone 6months to a year so I know things won't go to far because he respects that,but we've sent a couple pictures and just a day ago we went to the movies with his cousin it started off with my head on his shoulder and holding hands just joking around and stuff about an hour into it he told me to lay back onto him and did and we were just cuddling then a little later 15-30 min until the movie was over he started rubbing my boobs and I liked it but then again I was kind of worried so I let it continue then at the end of the movie he got up and I was still sitting down he put his hands in my knees and asked if inwas ready to go and told his cousin to go ahead and go onto the lobby and then we started talking and he said he loved me (its not the first time we've said I love you we say it all the time) but then I got up and wrapped my arms around and said in a confused/tired maybe even childish voice and was like are you sure and he's like yeah I love you a lot and I was like how do I know the difference between ho.rny teenage boy and love and he's like I promise I love you and then we started to walk out of the theater and he put his arm around me and he was like I'm going to make things right for do yall think he really loves me as much as he says he does


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  • It's hard telling if he's really being sincere or if he's thinking with the wrong head. Since he only said it right after he felt you up and felt like he was gonna get further at some point his intentions seem to be only sexual. The only real way I guess you could tell is in the way he says it and what you guys are doing right before he does IE if he only says it after he just felt you up somethings up there.

    Maybe you'll be able to see it in his eyes? I personally don't know because so many teenagers are only after sex it's hard to tell the truth from the lies.


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