First time a guy told me he loved me?

A guy never told me this before. This was the first time this happened. So I do not know what to say, think, or do.

It is the first time a guy told me he love me. He is my friend I did not knew he felt like that and I'm just so not know what to think.

Can I have serious answers plaese


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  • Well do you like him? And is there a potential of both of you actually working out?

    • he is my friend. I do not know

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  • Not enough info chica. Good friends, fwbs, dating? How long dating?

    Some guys can't control saying stupid crap like that, called "being caught up in the moment". Is think the guy is infatuated with you, or just enjoys hanging out. Have to ask yourself, does this guy truly know you and your heart, will he stick around if you act crazy or sh*t hits the fan?

    Dunno why, but they say like/love after hanging out a couple weeks with a chick. Had it happen with a buddy, then a chick who had it happen to her and came running to me to hookup.

  • Married cuples will oftern refere to themselves as best friends, its the basis of the best relationships. Your lucky, someone loves you.

  • Blow him, that was a nice thing from him to say.

  • This isn't really a question...

    Girls freaking out and ignoring the guy seems to be the norm when they say something like that.

    Go think a while and decide if you want to date him, be friends, or run away screaming.

    Only you will be able to decide what you want to do.

    • I do not know what I want to do

  • ? what do you think of him

    • he mostly reminds me of myself

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