Falling for a guy who doesn't want long commitment

It's a complicated situation really but we're boyfriend and girlfriend as he says I'm his girlfriend all the time. He claims me as his girlfriend and I call him my boyfriend too but technically we're like friends with benefits. We started out as friends, started talking, had sex, were talking, he was talking to someone else but they agreed to be just friends, he still had feelings, He told me, took a break from him, had pregnancy symptoms, talked again about it and became more serious, things got ugly b/t the girl and I, due to the fact he lied, we broke up again, made up, now we're boyfriend and girlfriend officially and we had angry sex to make up.

Anyway, he says he wants to try and make this relationship work but he's not really committed or big on commitment. I didn't plan on falling in love with him but my heart's all tangled up in this mess and I'm tired of being hurt but it's too late because my heart's involved. He says he wants to be with me, he really likes me, wants me in his life, and he's willing to do a lot of things just to be with me, except corny romantic stuff like flowers and boat rides so he says. He's so unromantic! Anyway, he says he wants to be able to chill with his boys at the beach and be able to smash and dash girls but he's like he doesn't know what he wants because he likes me a lot but he says he wants freedom too. He says he's too young to settle down and be committed. I told him that's just a cop out because I've known plenty of 19 year old guys who've been in 5 year or longer relationships. I told him why would you even want to be in a relationship with me if now all you want to do is be single. But he says he doesn't want to leave me, he wants to make things work and be committed to me. But I'm just not sure what to do.

Yeah he's young and I don't expect 19 year old guys or guys my age to actually stay committed because he's probably going to be like, I want to have fun, go to the beach, flirt, hit it and quit it, and be single for a while until I'm ready. I mean, I've been in relationships since I was 18 but I also had freedom to do things, flirt, etc while I was dating but I never cheated or disrespected my exes although they disrespected me. But Idk, do I need to just cut my losses with this guy and move on or should I just use him as a sex toy? He's amazing in bed and normally I can leave a guy who doesn't like to go down on me, but for some reason, I want to stick around this guy.
Falling for a guy who doesn't want long commitment
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