Need help. in love what should I do.

My baby father and I started talking to each ther last year. When we started talking I had a boyfriend and I told him. He said OK started mesing around becoming friends wuth benefits. Seeing each other everyweek a cuple times he asked if I wiuld be his baby mother I said yes. OK a month goes by and HIS girlfriend calls and texting my phone he never told me he had a girl I told him I had a dude didn't care. But after that 2weeks later I found out I'm pregnant. I move two hours away to a different state. Every month I'm pregnant I go and see him. Til my last months he stayed with me. He still lives with the girl. I'm in love with him like crazy while I was pregnant he got her pregnant I'm very very hurt but should I be he's not my man. But in a way he is so he comes over every two weeks for a week since I had the baby. But he won't miss one of his girlfriend appt I hate it cause he didn't come to mine. I think he's happier with her pregnancy then he was with mine. He's a great father and man says he's in love with me and loves me shows it should I be wth him for real now or just let him go. Should I be hurt about the other baby coming


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  • It seems that he values his relationship with her girlfriend more.

    It would hurt a lot for you when the other baby will be coming.


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