Does this guy like me or was I misled?

So I known this guy for almost a month. I'm 18 but I never dated anyone before and the guy I reaaally like is 24. The Wednesday before Valentine's day was the first day we actually communicated with each other and we were texting the whole day. On Valentine's Day he bought me a rose and started playing around with nerf guns. The day after that we were watching movies till 3:30AM. Between movies we would wrestle and he would stroke or tickle me. Occasionally he would get close to my face as if he was going to kiss me but doesn't. When I was about to leave his room, he would me to snuggle with him, unfortunately I couldn't because I wasn't feeling well. Since I hung out with him for 3 consecutive days, I decided to give him some space. I notice that he doesn't text me as he did before. My friends told me not to text him until he text me first (which I'm still waiting to happen). Though one of my guy friends told me that just because a guy doesn't text you, it doesn't mean he doesn't think about you. We seldom see each other on the college campus. I have a few theories on why he wouldn't date me; I'm too young for him (6 years difference), I'm not at his intellectual level or not as mature as he is, he was playing me.

Frankly, I like him a lot but I feel tired constantly thinking about him. I'm thinking about giving up and move on unless a miracle happens.


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  • don't run after him for now just don't think of him too much and don't expect anything