How can I satisfy my boyfriend emotionally? I want to do something special.

I have him satisfied physically for sure! But sometimes I feel him distance himself if he is down or having a not so good day. We've been through so much together but he is still here and I am thankful b.c I really like this guy and I hope I can fall in love and not just love him one day and I hope he will do the same. The way I see it as we haven't been together a year yet & if he hasn't left yet after what we have been through he is a good guy and actually cares he just "has his days" man period lol.

I want to do something nice for him to basically say thank you for not leaving me when times got EXTREMELY tough It means a lot but I don't know what! He likes video games call of duty, zombies, etc. He loves action movies like I do,FOOD lol. I just don't know what!


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  • You unplug the video games and TV. Have an already written love letter to him thanking him and pointing out all his good quality's you adore. lights low and or candles. Just a quiet night between you and him with no distractions. Give him a full body massage and have a soothing conversation about how you wanting only his love. Give him a night just for him from YOU :),


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