Stories of reuniting with the love in your life and get married?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up last year. But there is no a day I live without thinking and crying for me...

I miss him so much badly and I feel he is the one.

We broke up and hurt each others a lot. Both of us get hurt so deeply...

I can't stop wishing he come back someday and we get married...

I decided to move on now actually... I can't withstand this pain anymore...

And I believe if something is meant to be, it will find its way to come back

But I just want to know more stories that can make me feel better and stronger when I move on

Anyone here have stories of reuniting with the love in life and get married with him/her?


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  • The story you seek is really rare. It happens only in Nicholas Sparks movies and books.

    You have my sympathy. I've been there, and since I've been there, I've only been hurt more, but I'm mature enough to know that eventually I'll find a girl that's meant for me.

    This is what you need to realize. Odds are, he's not going to come back to you, and even if he did, you really shouldn't take him back. Exes are exes for reasons, and everything happens for a reason.

    So, I'm going to write you a new story...

    Right now, you're in pain, constantly thinking about a love that once hurt and left you. However, over time, you heal...and over time, you tear down the walls that you were forced to build because of your pain. And when the time is right, you meet a man that completes you and makes you whole. This is the guy who would never break up with you and make you want him to come back. This is the guy who sticks with you during the highs and lows, and you'll realize that you love him as much as he loves you.

    I seek the above story for myself as well, and hopefully someday people like us have that storybook ending. Regardless, its a much better story than getting back together with an ex that ripped your heart out.

    Move on. Start the healing process.

    Good luck.


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  • I made the pitch in college to a paddleboat friend "J" that we should be getting more serious on a date that included specialty drinks, 50th floor, lights of city, convertible downstairs but she had other ideas of being an international bigwig. So years later 1st wife dumps me after cheating around, I send "J" a seasonal greeting card to her parents' address. Later we phone and catch up, still single in US & no kids. Few month later I drive to her town & we have a few dates before she comes to visit me. Then she moves in but I have kids "visiting" regularly, so we accelerate marriage plans. Card to license maybe 9 months?

  • I can say this...there is some hope, but like you stated in your post if its meant to be it will happen, it may not happen this year or the next but in due time, but don't sit and waste your time on waiting... Life is just too short to be siting around being depressed and constantly wondering what if, but however take this as a win/win situation, if he comes back then this situation will be the perfect love story that you can tell your children about, but if he don't return there is somebody out there that can love and make you feel even better than before.. I know you feel like he is the one, and he could be or it could be someone you might not encountered yet.. But if you really want to be him find out if he is dating again,and if he is single try it again.. if not then there is someone better I hope this helped.

  • You won't get reunited with him.

    That only happens in dramas and TV series.

    You should just move on.

    Take this as a sign that he's not the guy for you.


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  • Are you two living in the same area?

    • yes

    • The reason does not matter. If you are closeby him (not in a different state or country) and he doesn't want to be with you, he is not 'coming back'. It would be delusional to think tat he would. The only thing you can do is improve yourself.