Any other women LOVE "average" sweet men?

I'm so f***ing tired of reading all this bullsh*t perfection sh*t on this web site for BOTH sex.. Its making me sick. First off they are not average they are REAL! I met the best man ever and he thinks he's average...bc this is how women have made him feel. It makes me sick that a gorgeous man like him has been made to feel bad about him self. It made me realize I'm too hard on my self too. Yes being attracted to someone is a must but heart and personality are going to create a strong relationship. Not all women go for ass holes either. Some of us really want a good sweet man. No we may not be gorgeous barbie dolls but pretty still. Are there any women out there who think like this too?

I don't need any bullsh*t blah blah blah she's lieing or what ever because this is how I truly feel.
Any other women LOVE "average" sweet men?
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