She cut off all contact suddenly


So, recently I have become lovers with my ex from 7 years ago. When I contacted her for the first time she blamed me for being late since she had just started to see another guy. Anyway, we met and we quickly enjoyed each other. She stated that she can’t get in love with me right away and we should just chill and leave it to time to tell what will happen between us. I asked her if she loves the other guy and she stated she doesn’t, though she enjoys her time with him. The guy is a weakling who is wet in love with her and keeps her chain spam calling every hour just because of the fear of losing her.

Anyway, we met few times and we enjoyed each other greatly. We spent one night at her house like a husband and a wife and we almost had sex if only she didn’t pull her back for the moment, which I did not push forward. She told me not to call her by phone but contact with texts and Facebook messages, which we used to contact each other for weeks. We were talking about getting married, having kids etc. I even changed my job for her, as I wanted her to see how passionate I am about a future with her in my life.

IN our last talk few days ago I just told her how much grateful I am for having her in my life, seing her, touching her and all those years without her were like a one big test of my spiritual endurance. Since then she didn't contact me, she canceled her Facebook account the next day and did not reply my text which I told that I got worried about her and asked if there is anything wrong.

Ladies, please guide me. What would she be thinkin at the moment? Why did she create such a gap without an explanation all of a sudden?

She cut off all contact suddenly
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