Girls who have had true love, and lost, advice please.

The Facts:

Serious relationship of 4 years, true love, mutual respect, laughter, fun, great physical connection, open communication, we have both been talking about marriage, seemingly great relationship.

Had some ups and downs over the years but always worked it out due to open communication and love.

Recently she took a trip to visit a sick family member, and we had a fight while she was gone over something (both at fault kinda). Upon her return she seemed distant. Before she left things were great (or at least that's how it seemed). The first several days she was gone, she was texting me how much she misses me and loves me. Something happened while she was gone. It seems that someone reinforced her to consider a break-up. A family member or a guy I'm thinking? So like I said she was distant when she got back, and I took the initiative to talk about her happiness (I tend to put things all on the table). I confessed my love and told her why we make a great couple and that things would definitely work out if we try. She cried and agreed that we should stay and give 100%. So for the past two weeks, things have been fine, not great. I have gone out of my way everyday to treat her awesome and show affection, and make her feel special, but it may have been overkill. Things seemed good but I know her well. And I could recognize a slight distance still. We had a nice Valentines date (ballroom dancing lessons) and things seemed good. The next day, I sensed the distance in her voice and asked her about it. This led to a conversation about incompatibility. She said she wanted a break. I creid and told her how I truly felt, then said a final goodbye, she tried to say I love you as we left but I couldn't say it back at that time. Its been 2 days and I haven't called her and she hasn't called me.

Now I'm no dummy. I believe that she is talking (she's too loyal to 2-time) to another guy now. My family and friends agree that she has been acting distant (she is very close to my family, especially mom and sister), and are helping me accept the truth that maybe we aren't meant. I think her and I agree that we had something very special, I mean a close emotional connection.

So my questions are:

How can a girl date or talk to other guys right after ending a 4. 5 year true-love relationship?

Why hasn't she called to see how I'm doing, does she even care?

Many people say that she will realize and come back, might she?

I am hurting deep in my heart, but what is she thinking now, is she hurting, regretful?

How long could she need to realize she wants me, if at all?

I truly care about her and love her (and she knows), how long do I hold on?

She deserves the space she wants, should I ever express my love again, or is what she already knows enough for her to know I would take her back?

Thank you for your time and thoughts!

Girls who have had true love, and lost, advice please.
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