Are women more abusive then men?

In domestic abuse, about 40% of cases involve violence of women against men. So yes statistically men make up 60% of the arrests. However, this doesn't take in account for laws like VAWA, which require officers to arrest the largest individual involved in the incident when both parties have wounds regardless of who started the abuse. This also doesn't take in account that the majority of men don't press charges due to embarrassment and victim programs aimed at women, not men.

There are also other forms of abuse, like verbal. According to many researchers, women are king of the hill on dishing out verbal abuse.


"female intimate partners in heterosexual relationships were more likely than males to use psychological aggression, including threats to hit or throw an object."

Straus, M. A., Hamby, S. L., Boney-McCoy, S., & Sugarman, D. B. (1996). "The revised Conflict Tactics Scale (CTS-2)." Journal of Family Issues, 17, pp. 283-317.

"females in intimate heterosexual relationships were more likely than males to threaten to use a knife or gun against their partner."

Giordano, P. C., Millhonin, T. J., Cernokovich, S. A., Pugh, M. D., & Rudolph, J. L. (1999). "Delinquency, identity and women's involvement in relationship violence." Criminology, 37, pp. 17-40.

What are the damages of psychological abuse? Many researchers are saying the effects can be just as negative or even more damaging than physical abuse.
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We have been spoon fed cherry picked data for the last 40 years because of feminists. They have passed gross laws because of it. Laws where a mans rights are as much as a woman's honesty. Do I think women are more abusive than men? Only in an enabling society.
Are women more abusive then men?
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