OK. I need real help with shy guy.

What are the signs that shy guy doesn't like you. I always look for signs he likes me, but the more I read, the more it sounds to me that he is not into me, although my guts tell me he does. Like today he chose to sit in the cafe as far as possible from me and even chose place so I can't see him, although there were plenty of space in front of me. I've never heard his voice really as I start conversation, but the answers always are Fine, OK, Hi or Thanks. When speaking to me, doesn't look me in eye, only to the floor. But again the huge confusion is that he looks at me when I have my back on him and last week we kinda had very long eye contact (even more that five seconds), but I still can't figure out weather it was "I like you" gaze or "The poor thing" gaze. Damn I'm so confused and very tiered, maybe I should just drop it, if he will do something he will come to me by himself. I know he is shy, but God, why just can't stop all gazing, glancing and checking out thing and being nervous around me, that would give me a clear sign he is not interested and I could move on. Maybe he acts so strange cause he knows I like him and it gives some ego boost. Dunno. Can shy guys help on this one, please.
OK. I need real help with shy guy.
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