Is my ex boyfriend just being bitter or is he just jealous?

I'll make this story as short and sweet as possible...

my ex broke up with me about 2 months ago, but in between that time has been playing mind games with me and pulling me in different directions. he'd tell me not to move on and to wait for him one minute, then the next he'd go weeks just totally ignoring me. so I decided that it was time for me to no longer wait and to move on with my life a little bit. I went out to bars and clubs with my girls...and my girls only...i wasnt trying to look for guys. I deleted him on facebook, but he saw the pictures from that night because he is friend with the friends that I tagged in the pictures. he got so mad that I went out, drank, and did my thing. and then a couple of nights ago I took a picture on my guy friend's lap and the next day my ex BUGGED out on me...i asked why he cared and he said because it was "too soon" for me to do is he friggen kidding me? I asked if he was with other girls and he told me that he hasn't even talked to any girls, let alone hooked up with any or wasn't even close to being with anyone. he also gave me a diamond ring for our 1 year anniversary and decided to ask for it back because he saw the picture. I reassured him it was just a friend, but he still wants the ring back so he can sell it and make $$ because he doesn't have a job until late june. I told him to pick up the ring at a certain time yesterday and we agreeed to meet at my house and for him to come at 7...and that means once he gets the ring, he no longer has any excuse to call or text me because the ring is the last tie that holds us together. so I get a text from him asking if he can come when I get home from work, but he knows I specifically told him 7 because I had things to do. so he said "i guess ill have to wait to pick it up then because I can't be there by 7" in my eyes, if he REALLYYY wanted this ring back, he'd make the time to pick it up. so I'm just SUPER confused...I feel like he needs to pick and choose his battles..he has to let me move on and he can't get mad that I'm with other guys or he can just make things work between us. I don't know what his deal is with the other guy and me going out and with the whole ring thing. help =\


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  • I'd say both. He was ignoring you but hasn't moved on after you broke up. You've made the right decision, give him the ring and move on.


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