Is it over with girlfriend?

My girlfriend and I have been together for 2 1/2 years. Things were great when we 1st met but with her traveling for work 3-4 days a week, things have been hard. I basically moved in with her a few months after we met, stayed at her place when she was gone for work and her female roommate and I became friends. Well her female roommate and my girlfriend had a falling out, which probably came from me being around all the time. When the lease ended it seemed a natural progression that my girl and I get a place together, which we did. We decorated together and things went fine for awhile. Save for the fact her being gone for work so much. Lonely for me. Whenever she came home from being on the road I was always happy to see her, and she needed a day or two to I think she began to feel cramped and smothered. We argued, yelled and screamed mainly about her being unsure of everything. I was her best friend and she was attracted to me physically some days, and some days not. Sometimes on business she would call to say goodnight, sometimes a text, sometimes nothing. How insecure I would get at times. This went on for 6 months or so until she said she needed space and didn't want to renew the lease. That we should get our own places. I agreed and our intimacy levels really declined thereafter. She would frequently go out with her girlfriends and I would wait for her to get home and it wouldn't be until 3am..needless to say during this period I found out she was still emailing her abusive ex back and forth. So the 1st of may we both moved..well I stayed in the same complex and she moved across town.I helped her move all her stuff in and decorate by the way, which my friends said I shouldnt have done. So we move out and it seemed as if she was still interested, but we weren't seeing each other as much. We go out to the bars and she seems reluctant to introduce me as her man. I'm a bartender so I spend a lot of time in bars after work etc. I kept asking her where we stood and I constantly got the run around. The more I asked the more she avoided.And in this chaos I met a "friend" who happened to be an attractive girl. I hung out with her a few times

and realized I had to make a decision: continue dealing with my unsure girlfriend (was she even my girlfriend at this point?) or move on. I really love this woman and I think she loves me too she's just very flighty. So on my birthday last week my girlfriend shows up at my place at 7-8pm. Doesn't seem like she even wants to be here but I had gone out with friends the night b4 and she was mad about this. So we go out and just argue at dinner and on our way to this concert. This is my birthday. We're arguing because I'm prodding her about whether we should go on or not. Meanwhile the other 'girl friend' wanted to hang out on my b day but I blew her off. in the course of the night she grabs my phone and goes through it.she calls this other girl who I've become friends with and confronts the girl.Not sure what was said but haven't heard nothing since
Is it over with girlfriend?
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