Your religion? (required character count)?

Whether you're a Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, and that's like all I can name off the top of my head.

Whatever religion you are, have you ever taken the time to think logically, and question it? Or have you been raised from birth to believe that the religion you grew up in is the one and only true religion in the entire world? (Most cases this does happen, I can consider it brainwashing)

Most religions usually have a heaven and a hell in the afterlife, and most commonly, if you don't believe in your god in your religion, then you won't ascend into heaven, but drop down to hell.

That being said, if you really believe that your religion is the only one and true religion, how is it fair to the millions of others getting fucked over in the world? Will your god be logical about that and merciful? Or will your god be like, "oh they don't believe? APOCALYPSE BITCH! alright worthy bitches, time to ascend"

Ask yourself honestly, have you really ever taken a step back, and questioned everything you were raised to believe? Tried to reason with everything in your own mind? Out of all the religions in this world, do you really believe that yours is the one and only true one, just like what every other religious person believes? That their religion they grew up in is also the one and only true one.

Yes, I know religion is all based on faith. I'm not asking for proof that your god/religion is real/valid. I'm asking if you've ever questioned it, and if you believe your religion is the only and right one to ascend into heaven, then why. Why yours? Why not another religion? You were born and raised into believing everything you know now is right, and others are wrong. Have you ever questioned that? Thought about it? Did you ever open yourself up to other religions or completely closed yourself off because you immediately assumed they were wrong/bad? If yes, why did you do that?

long ass post

tl;dr if you're not gonna read it just fuck off.
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Your religion? (required character count)?
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