"Christian negates his own morality"?

Interesting video and short (15 minutes) ideas? Refutations?


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  • Haha! HIlarious. This is not based on a mature understanding of "Faith". Our understanding of what is moral cannot possibly compare to the God's morality. The Bible even says, "your righteousness is like dirty rags to Me".

    These people are claiming that blind obedience to God is not moral. That is based on what we think morality is. Look around the world, we are not a "moral" race. So I find the video laughable. And this poor guy who is attempting to be Christian is trying to defend his "faith" by using their definitions of morality.

    Poor guy. He doesn't know he has only been tricked by semantics gurus and word smiths.

    • If you don't morally evaluate claims you're not a moral agent... that's pretty much by definition

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    • @Skadouchebag I just wanted to thank you. Brilliant, funny, and very, very good.

    • you should check out my deviantart journal in addition to that channel keep in mind that all quotes unless otherwise stated come from C. S. Lewis): sin-and-love.deviantart.com/journal/?offset=40

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  • "An accusation always implies a standard. ... You call a person cruel or idle because you have in mind a standard of kindness or diligence. And while you are making the accusation you have to accept the standard as a valid one. If you begin to doubt the standard you automatically doubt the cogency of your accusation... If nothing is [inherently] right, then of course it follows that nothing is [inherently] wrong... If a brute and Blackguard made the world, then he also made our minds. if he made our minds, he also made that very standard in them whereby we judge him to be a brute and blackguard. And how can we trust a standard which comes from such a brutal and blackguardly source? If we reject him, we ought to reject all his works. But one of his works is this very moral standard by which we reject him. If we accept this standard then we are really implying that he is not a Brute and Blackguard. If we reject it, then we have thrown away the only instrument by which we can condemn him." --C. S. Lewis

    • This argument implies that one can only accuse someone of being evil only when they have a sense of absolute morality. I don't have to believe in universally good or bad things to still tell what is right from what is wrong, at least for me. God killing babies every day via floods, fires, earthquakes and diseases is a clear indication of him not being good. By my subjective standards at least.
      And to say that we can't judge based on standards that he himself gave us implies that you assume he exists in the first place, something I do not assume so the argument is void.

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    • If death isn't bad because we get to go to heaven dose that mean it's okay for me to come round your gaff with an AK47 and wipe out your family, would you be okay with me doing that?

    • @Bezbozhnikustanka whom are you asking that?

  • Ooo! Interesting point... I like it. Huh. I never thought of Christian morality (or any holy book-based morality) in that way before. It's actually incredibly astute.

    I, too, will be very interested to see if anyone on gag can refute this point they've made. It's actually brilliant. lol.

    P. S. I watched the video to the end... DAMN! Like, for real? lol. Gunna try to blame a CHILD RAPE VICTIM for their own rape? Like, fuck off. What a piece of trash. Actually, no, trash can be burned for energy or possibly even recycled, thus doing a service to the world. That guy should just be shot and buried.

    • I agree. I love Jen, and think she did a lot better than Matt in this particular video.

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    • @Skadouchebag Ya, it was more anti trump than anti christian lol

    • Fun Fact: Even the Pope himself has gone on record and said that rump is no Christian.

  • The Bible is too full contradictions: God says , "Thou shalt not kill" but kills all Egyptian first born boys and orders a genocide of Midianites, Amalekites and several other peoples.

    Morality is based on empathy and self interest: "do not unto others..."

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    • @Skadouchebag because you said "2) You do realize that Christian Clergy make far less money than any other profession of their level of education, right?"

    • @MlleCake ah, thanks. well in that case, I don't see how that's relevant, since people don't do that anymore.

  • I like the sensationalism of the title. But It's interesting that the intellectuals that atheists hail as the kings of their ideology don't tend to do so well in the public sphere of philosophy. They do better targeting average nobodies without much theory behing their ideology. But tend to fail attrociously when they meet philosophers of the other side that actually know what they're talking about.

    The caller doesn't hold a belief that I or Christianity teaches as the moral standard, so it's kinda interesting that that clip was chosen as the means of refuting it. I don't think most atheists even know what the christian basis of morality is to begin with

    Atheists usually do better at "refuting" christians when neither of them know much as most atheists can just answer they "lack" any given idea or the need for it


    • Are you saying that the physicist and cosmologist Lawrence Krauss should also be a remarkable philosopher? Especially when he doesn't care at all about philosophy? 不

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    • Here's a youtube channel that I know you'll love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpPk4WLBcTM&t=24s

    • @Partywithtom Oh so you think you're well versed in theology, eh? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfuXk1HPgPA

  • At least it doesn't promote child brides, suicide bombers, beheadings, and the maiming of hands and feet. Islam and Muslims are way fucking worse. Yeah, religion is all man made. Some are just worse than others. Only a Muslim could call a torturer and a pedophile a prophet of "Allah". Idiots.

    • The OT literally tells them to take virgins as slaves... you don't think they had sex with them? 不不

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    • Not that the Old testament is true, but it is just a "historical" account. It is not behavior from a prophet to be emulated as it is in Islam. Jews simply have to obey about 613 pointless laws called mitzvot. Yes, many of them are stupid and pointless.

    • 不不 fuck me sideways
      I'm sorry man, you're killing me. I appreciate it. Have a good one mate

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