Can I have yall's opinion on this please? thank you?

I dont know if this is just me being weird but here it goes. its very randomized, my thoughts, but take it in as you will.

I felt an immense connection with this guy i had sex with. I did not really know him but we really connected. he said he felt the connection too.

I remember telling myself subconsciously that I would love to date a guy who likes taking pictures and I would imagine myself with a guy taking pictures of me. This guy loves taking pictures and even went to a small photography program...

Before we had sex i told my friend that she needed to love herself and he jumped in and emphasized what I was trying to say and to be honest I've never heard a guy talk about "loving yourself" like that. the attraction sparked as he kept talking he kept getting close and so did i.

when everyone left he jumped on me and started kissing me and we had sex lol.

then after for some odd reason i wanted to say "until we meet again"... like i was on the verge of saying it but something was holding me back... but i didn't want to sound weird... it felt as though i couldnt really come out and say it... shy perhaps..

I looked him up on facebook and he is actually a youtuber with a couple of followers... cute.. lol

He posted a video that very same day... literally an hour after the sex happened... about how he is transferring colleges (an hour away from mine) and how he is sad but in one of the slides as he was showing pictures of his friends he said "Until we meet again" ...

I was like woah... is that weird? Is this a sign? is this odd? or is it just me?
fyi... I didn't say "until we meet again" lol like I couldn't get myself to say it...
also... he didn't say " until we meet again" ... he just put a black screen and in big white letters he put "Until we Meet Again"


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What Guys Said 3

  • Very normal result of the bonding hormone combined with some generic traits. Very natural but if you like him go for it. Just make sure you like him for him and not your fantasy or what he made you feel like.

  • your feelings do not matter hun sorry
    toss them aside

    GOD is above the dome
    do you think your feelings will change that NO!!!


  • Sounds like you connected alright


What Girls Said 1

  • Sex is a very very spiritual and bonding process once you have sex with someone there essence will be in there.


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