Wednesday I started practicing/contemplating Budhism and am wondering what advice anyone has for me?

Contemplating was autocorrect I meant considering


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  • Don't suppress emotions. I suppressed my anger thinking that's part of what monks have to do to reach enlightenment and I was dead wrong. I did that for 7 years and when a very nasty relationship finally got the best of me I snapped and exploded with rage and threw daily temper tantrums for like a year straight.

    I'm currently listening to metal music to learn how to process and accept my anger.

    • 4d

      Would it be ok to suppress my anger for just 2 years?

    • 4d

      Yea. I went through a royal hellstorm that triggered my anger. If I learned how to accept it and express it in a healthy way earlier I wouldn't have exploded. I've exploded a few times in my life but the first two times were very insignificant compared to the third time because I had ways to release my anger when I was younger.

  • Well i would not do it... it might help in thinking process but not your Soul


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