If parthenogenesis ever produced a boy, would that help or help in the creation claim?

We know the Bible says male was first created human, but even if we granted that females started first and produced life, then where in the world did males come from? All parthenogenesis accounts produce girls.

Please explain.
  • It would hurt because we would have a natural way for males and females to be birthed.
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  • It would help because all females have girls, so therefore it is virtually a miracle to have a boy produced.
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  • Another opinion (hurt variety)
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  • It would neither hurt nor help. (explain)
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I meant help or hurt. Geez, I need to proof read my questions more.


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  • We already know of quite a few species where parthanogenesis can occur so I don't see why it would help or hurt Christianity. Plus the word used for mother Mary just refers to a young girl, not actually a virgin if I recall the greek correctly.

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      Yes but it is speculation which of those cases is closer to the truth. The Hebrew Bible did say young girl, so it is possible that Jesus' conception was not miraculous and He could have been birthed naturally via the seed like all others. However, His birth was through the womb like all others.

      There is a difference between a miraculous conception and a miraculous birth.

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  • I’m not sure. We’d have to study the process more to see if there’s a previously-unknown mechanism at play.


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